Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Journal and Changes of Schedule & SOA

Individual Crit /Journal.
Students are free to sketch and comments your ideas. Please use the format as a proof of your design process. Enjoy...

There is a few additional / changes in the schedule, highlighted in yellow. Please inform the studio lecturers if you have any queries. Ok.
Do inform all YOUR FRIENDS about the changes and information you get in the blog.


  1. best nyer open crit.....

  2. apakah criteria yang akan dinilai semasa 1st open crit itu nanti? apa yang perlu saya tunjukkan semasa 1st crit itu?

  3. please check the guidelines given in class before your semester break. thank you. p/s check with your studio lecturer.

  4. selesai sudah open crit pertama...
    apa kesimpulan yang bole diberikan berdasarkan prestasi semasa pelajar-pelajar sem5 secara keseluruhan nya?