Monday, January 31, 2011

....and DA' RESULTZ are OuT!!!!

CONGRATS AGAIN....well done...!! we hope the spirit you all shown during the making of Da'Bench will continue for our School Of Arch design...hey ho lets GO..!!!
the incomplete bench - pls see your lccturer for futher clarification...

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Site Plan PUO

Click here to download SITE PLAN
After you click the link above the window image below will appear and you are ready to download the site plan file.

Click the link then wait until icon 'REGULAR DOWNLOAD" appear,
then click the icon (REGULAR DOWNLOAD)..after that wait a few minutes then the reCAPTCHA icon appear,
key in the word that appear and click SLOW DOWNLOAD icon ...
If you still can't download the file....I heard some of your friends already download the file, you can ask them to email it to you.
Okies.. enjoy designing ^___^

Click the image below to see the instructions on how to download the file.

Please read the instructions on the images.....and if you can't download the file or the link is broken please inform Cik Suraya as soon as possible. Enjoy design !!!

yeay! its a Holiday!!!

Salam sem designers@5

i would like to wish happy Chinese new year to those who celebrating it.Not to forget happy semester break to all..
we do hope that the design process works simultaneously with your holiday mood.The thinking process will never stopped until you have reach the climax later on.Take advantage on the flexibility of the project to come out with good design.Remember! if you can tackle this project successfully, you have open the door to sem 6.otherwise we can see u again in MM( mervelous mantop) design inc.

What- ever- pong....just enjoy your holiday and dreamt about 1st crit session :p

Friday, January 28, 2011

Drawing and Designing with Confidence

Check out this link : Drawing and Designing with Confidence by Mike W.Lin ... if you want to buy the book, it cost about RM100, it is cheaper compared you bought the book outside, feel free to contact Cik Suraya if you want to buy the book. Thanks

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Our New Identity!

Salam Everyone,

Check out Designers@PUO for our new look! and please comment...


Monday, January 24, 2011

sharing is caring....

“An architect knows something about everything. An engineer knows everything about one thing.”

(Frederick,Matthew “101 Things I Learned in Architecture School”)

Sunday, January 23, 2011

I LOOKED but did not SEE!

Salam Designer@5,

Having problem with your eyesight lately? No problem, check out Designers@PUO for some help!


Saturday, January 22, 2011


Salam designer’s@5

We are now in the project 3 : puo school of architecture which I believe will be your ultimate challenge to test your ability in design INDIVIDUALLY. Now let consider how are you going to design ‘school of design’.

You might think your architecture style will follow the original building of ‘campus B’. One student asked me that. Yes its true because in architecture, the design should reflect the site context in order to create ‘sense of place’. But when we talk about campus, every faculty should portray their own image. This is the opportunity for you to design your own school of architecture and let it be whatever you want .Later on, you need to justify why your design should be like that. (you need a further discussion with lecturer on this!).My points is, don’t restrict your design with existing campus B image. Try to explore new ideas and create a new building that reflect the NEW school of architecture of PUO…

Have fun guys.


Friday, January 21, 2011

Da' Winner of Da' Bench

Salam sem 05..
Congratulation to all sem 05 student for your tremendous effort in making Da' Bench project really successful. Now, here is the deal. We have agreed to reward the winner of the project from each class. For the winners, please contact your studio master to claim your reward.
Good job guys. Keep up the good work throughout this semester !!!
Best regard, all sem 05 lecturers.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

SITE here to view document..

Salam Sem05...

As we all know, tomorrow students will be doing their site analysis for project 3 which is PUO-school of architecture. The site has been given to the student which is located at golf course nearby our beloved Unit Senibina's current building. Therefore, before enter the site students need to know what to do when doing site analysis. What kind of information are crucial on site. These kind of information will surely help students in design process later on.

So here we prepared list of information needed in site analysis as a guideline for students when doing site analysis tomorrow. Luckily we have site just nearby our class so that if we miss the information, we can always come and do the analysis again. Remember to take as much as informative picture as you can. Don't just take a posing picture with nothing to tell except about your make-up, dresses, hair style, sun glasses and etc.

Good luck guys and have some fun...(while you can hehe)

PUO school of Architecture - Research it first!

Salam Everyone,

Research is and always will be an important concern for people who want to solve problems. As problem solvers, we need to identify the problem, understand it from different angles before beginning to address it.

SEM05’s final project is an Architecture School. This is a good opportunity to start thinking in advance about how to do research. Research is about asking questions and finding answers. Its about being sure of what you want to do based on facts.

For your upcoming project, try this out, answers these questions as a group/individual:

What is Architecture? How do you define it? What is its component? How is it different from construction, how is it similar? Etc…

What is a school? What is an education? What types of education are there? What is Polytechnic Education and how is it different from other types of education, Etc…

What do you mean by an Architecture School? How is Architecture taught at other schools? How should it be taught at the polytechnics? Etc,…

Who are design students? How do they behave? How do students learn to design? Is creativity important, how to be creative? Etc,…

Who are the users of this school? What activity do they do? What spaces are important to promote learning and creativity?, Etc…

Try answering these questions. I KNOW SOME OF THESE QUESTIONS ARE DIFFICULT but try understanding them as best as you can. I am NOT asking you to do an in depth research but just to make you understand the importance of research in understanding a problem. A Simple Research will make you appreciate your design even more.

Now, Research needs data. Data can obtain from reading, interviewing students and lecturers, visits, observing how an architectural school function, etc. Ask these questions, collect data and then try to understand them by making a conclusion before designing your ARCH SCHOOL!



Assalamualaikum dan salam sejahtera...

Terima kasih kepada admin kerana memberi ruang dan peluang di Designers@5 untuk kita sama-sama berkongsi ilmu pengetahuan yang maha luas ini...
Adalah diharapkan semua pelajar memanfaatkan blog ini untuk memajukan diri.Sila gunakan platform ini untuk berinteraksi dengan rakan-rakan dan para pensyarah seterusnya menaikkan nama PUO ke arus perdana...kami bangga menjadi komuniti senibina PUO!!!!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Importance of Sketching.

Salam Everyone,

The matter of sketching has been a long debate between Arch/Design students, especially in the digital world. From my point of view, sketching is very important to us in the creative/building industry. Above is a drawing called 'Hand drawing a Hand' by Escher (Read posting Mission Impossible: Escher's World, in Designers@PUO) that I'm using to illustrate the importance of sketching.

Below is an excerpt I found interesting from a PAM's 2008/9 skecthbook. It is from the President of PAM,read on to appreciate the importance of sketching from his point of view: -

A note from the President of PAM,

In this time of computer-aided drawings, computer generated perspectives, and 3D animations, what more with software bearing the name of “Sketch-up”; the physical act of sketching and drawing by hand seems to be losing favour among the younger generations of architects who are more at ease and proficient in ‘drawing’ and ‘sketching’ with the keyboard.

Nevertheless, throughout the history of architecture and up to the present hi-tech age, sketching – the act of drawing in search of ideas and solutions – has always been the repertoire of many a great architect: from the old masters such as Michelango and Lernardo Da Vinci to modern masters like Le Corbusier, Louis Khan, Alvar Aalto, Steven Holl, Frank Gehry, …, etc. These great architects all excel in the art of sketching and drawing.

…Alvar Aalto once declared, “God created paper for the purpose of drawing architecture on it…”

Ar. Lee Chor Wah

PAM President 2007 – 2008 (Architecture Sketchbook 2007-2008).

What do you think?


Friday, January 14, 2011

Manual VS Computer

Drawings and working drawings are important. But what is more relevant is the knowledge to do those drawings and to put them together. Not the knowledge or skill to use the tools to 'physically draw' those drawings. Your draughting board, pencil, set-square, T-square, technical pen, and computer with all 3d software are just that: tools. Nothing more.

I've heard my lecturers say this so many times and I agree with them totally..
Mastering all the tools are important. However, if you want to be a good architect, the MOST important tool is your HEAD... get your ideas straightened out and workable. If you're just relying on the tools to be successful... 'baik jadik draughtman je'.
I think what they said is quite logical.

So guys, what do you think?

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Selamat datang ke McDonalds!

Salam Semua,

Dari Senibina ke Kejuruteraan Awam ke Rekabentuk Grafik, satu elemen binaan yang terpapar di atas ini sering di gunapakai oleh perekabentuk2 pelbagai bidang. Lihat gambar2 di atas, dan cuba kaji elemen ini dari aspek keistimewaanya, kegunaannya, kekuatannya dan bahan2 yang digunapakai oleh perekabentuk2 ini. Elemen ini mempunyai sejarah yang menarik dan ia juga telah berubah bentuk dan saiz mengikut peredaran masa - "Behold the Arch!".

1) Siapakah perekabentuk "the Brazilian wave arch bridge" (gambar diatas)?
2) Apakah kelebihan binaan ini jika dari segi bahan dan binaannya?


DRN : )

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Brief Project - 2

Salam Sem5..

Projek ke-2 bagi sem5 sesi Dis10 merupakan sebuah projek rehat (break project) untuk pelajar-pelajar sem5. Walaupun dinamakan projek rehat, ini tidak bermakna pelajar boleh rehat sehingga tamat projek 2 ini. Masih banyak yang perlu dipelajari daripada projek ini seperti gaya senibina moden, kajian antraphometrik dan ergonomik, keberkesanan rekabentuk struktur menanggung beban disamping rekabentuk yang kreatif. Cuba selami bagaimana jurutera struktur menyelesaikan masalah pembinaan struktur bagi rekabentuk yang 'superb' dari arkitek-arkitek berbakat di seluruh dunia. Saya pasti anda semua boleh berjaya. Selamat merekabentuk kerusi anda (Da' BENCH).

'If they can achieved in the past, why not us now' -Micheal Scofield-.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Welcome Everyone to Design Sem05

Salam to all Sem-05..

Selamat datang diucapkan kepada semua bakal2 pengguna blog designers@5. mari kita gunakan platform ini untuk berkongsi2 idea dan pendapat tentang senireka sem05. Lebih banyak yang kita beri maka lebih banyak manfaat yang akan kita terima.

"The day has come where all of us can learn from each others" -Micheal Scofield-