Saturday, January 22, 2011


Salam designer’s@5

We are now in the project 3 : puo school of architecture which I believe will be your ultimate challenge to test your ability in design INDIVIDUALLY. Now let consider how are you going to design ‘school of design’.

You might think your architecture style will follow the original building of ‘campus B’. One student asked me that. Yes its true because in architecture, the design should reflect the site context in order to create ‘sense of place’. But when we talk about campus, every faculty should portray their own image. This is the opportunity for you to design your own school of architecture and let it be whatever you want .Later on, you need to justify why your design should be like that. (you need a further discussion with lecturer on this!).My points is, don’t restrict your design with existing campus B image. Try to explore new ideas and create a new building that reflect the NEW school of architecture of PUO…

Have fun guys.



  1. Follow Campus B? That was a good question. As designers we often have to balance our design between pleasing the normal and inspiring the neighborhood. Sometime we even HAVE to please one or the other. The decision is always a difficult one, one that only you can answer (by doing research) i.e. How do I create the future while preserving the present and respecting the past! Tough one eh!
    I believe you can do it! Have a Blast!


  2. "How do I create the future while preserving the present and respecting the past!"
    yes i think thats the correct question & intention of doing this project.As we know campus B was 'Maktab Perguruan" and so called 'JKR standard design'..its only us, designers have to find the design solution..

  3. tp kn??kte kna kekal kn ke building lame tu??i mean yg our unit tu??xpon bley buat bru jugak??


  5. you can always alter the looks of the old building...create new facade to match your new skool design...jgn sampai 'habis madu ,sepah dibuang..'

  6. ok en.yusri..thanks for helping me out.. ^_^

  7. apa yang boleh dibuat dengan sepah selepas habis madunya? selain dibuang dalam tong sampah

  8. where site plan...