Saturday, January 29, 2011

yeay! its a Holiday!!!

Salam sem designers@5

i would like to wish happy Chinese new year to those who celebrating it.Not to forget happy semester break to all..
we do hope that the design process works simultaneously with your holiday mood.The thinking process will never stopped until you have reach the climax later on.Take advantage on the flexibility of the project to come out with good design.Remember! if you can tackle this project successfully, you have open the door to sem 6.otherwise we can see u again in MM( mervelous mantop) design inc.

What- ever- pong....just enjoy your holiday and dreamt about 1st crit session :p


  1. Gong Xi! Gong Xi! from all of us at SEM06


  2. Enjoy yr holiday ^__^ ...sesiapa yang ada picture gallery of uitm, um and polipd..jgn lupa email to me thanks ....